SENSATIONAL HEARTH & HOME is located inside ONE GOOD TASTE COUNTRY STORE, at the same location as Country Gardens RV Park on the North Outer Road.  The Dillons demonstrate alternative heat options, burning wood pellets and cord wood to heat the 6500 sq. ft. Country Store on the north side of Interstate 70.

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Phone:  816-230-4841

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9 a.m. – 5 p.m.


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With the beginning of Dillon Heating & Cooling Solutions in 2001, Wayne & Annette Dillon began the journey of starting a retail and service business from scratch. 

After expansion of retail space in their new store on the Outer Road, the Dillons began SENSATIONAL HEARTH & HOME to complement the heating and air conditioning business.   Wayne & Annette Dillon have attained certifications and honors in both the heating & cooling and the hearth professions.

(photo left) Annette Dillon & Wayne Dillon were recognized at the annual dealer meeting for excellent sales and service in 2015 for Pacific Energy Stoves & Fireplaces.